LP Harris Statement on President Trump's Appearance at the 2024 LP National Convention

The Libertarian Party National Convention is imminent, and Harris County, as the second largest county affiliate in the country, has a powerful voice and responsibility in these proceedings. A recent announcement about the inclusion of former President Donald J. Trump as a speaker at this upcoming convention has, understandably, sparked division among our candidates and constituents. Trump has flatly denied our National Chair’s requests for a debate or live questions from a moderator. Make no mistake, Trump's stated aim of courting Libertarian voters is openly self-serving. His record stands in direct opposition to the very ideas we hold as true. As we have said before, both he and President Biden have proven themselves as enemies to the very freedoms that we seek to protect.

In agreement with The Libertarian Party of Texas, The Libertarian Party of Harris County strongly opposes the inclusion of Trump, or any other opposing political candidate, in our National Convention. We respectfully request that the invitations be withdrawn by the Libertarian National Committee.

While the stated intention was to provide our party with unprecedented visibility, it comes with costs to our core values and our distinct identity. We are not an accessory or a platform for our political opposition nor do we support President Trump or President Biden in any way. Further, it serves as a distraction to our party's central mission of electing libertarian candidates and fighting for policies that maximize individual freedom.

Now, more than ever, we must remember that we're all part of the same libertarian family. We may sometimes disagree on strategy, but our shared goals and values must remain our unifying force. We urge everyone to not allow this to distract us from our central mission. Here in Harris County, we pledge to stay focused on what is important: building a transformative political force dedicated to limiting government overreach and expanding human freedom, and we will not give our opponents the opportunity to define who we as a community are.


In Liberty,

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Harris County

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