About the Libertarian Party of Harris County

The Libertarian Party of Harris County is the local county affiliate for the Libertarian Party of Texas. As the largest county in Texas and the third-largest county in the country, The Libertarian Party of Harris County serves a diverse and dynamic group of citizens like-minded in the pursuit of liberty and the preservation of individual freedoms. Nestled between a heavily democratic city and conservative suburbs, our local liberty-minded Libertarian Party stands ready to organize and challenge politics as usual in Harris County. 


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Ready to Join the Movement…

We welcome members from all backgrounds and interests. Whether your interests are in learning more about the Libertarian Party and our ideas, seeking information about local candidates and ways to support them, or wanting to volunteer, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


We have many goals:

  • To expand awareness of the Libertarian Party throughout Harris County 
  • To Build a political movement dedicated to offering real choices to preserve and reclaim our Freedoms.
  • To develop, support, organize, and ultimately elect Libertarian candidates at all levels of public service.
  • To organize member events and public outreach to spread the goals of the Libertarian Party of Harris County.
  • To build a viable and impactful membership body to further the recognition of the Libertarian Party in Harris County.

No matter your interest level, contact us to get started. We look forward to working with everyone.