Memorial Day

This Monday marks the 156th Memorial Day in the United States, a day of remembrance for our fallen veterans. Parades will be held, prayers will be lifted, and great food will be shared. The Libertarian Party of Harris County joins our community in honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and grieves with their families. We recognize that many of those who serve come from diverse backgrounds and are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Their honor is above reproach.

While acknowledging the complexities of global politics, we firmly reject violence and advocate for peaceful solutions to conflicts. We stand opposed to the use of American troops in foreign wars and call for their safe return home immediately. It is unconscionable that we are willing to sacrifice our children in poorly defined “forever wars” or regime change.

We seek a world free from the very need for a “Memorial Day”, where individuals have control over their own lives and can pursue their own happiness. We urge our leaders to pursue peaceful resolutions to conflicts and end aggression and coercion. We strive for freedom in our lifetime and will not be stopped in our pursuit of that goal. Join us.


In Liberty,

Mike Coogan

Chair, Libertarian Party of Harris County

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