Independence Day

Can you believe it's already July? Campaigns are in full swing across the country, and the political landscape seems to change daily. For Libertarians, however, our course has always been clear: How do we elect Libertarians to positions of influence and continue to push the conversation toward liberty?

In Harris County, we have Chase Oliver, Ted Brown, Hawk Dunlap, David Roberson, Stephan Kinsella, and Mark Ash on the ballot for statewide races. State congressional candidates like Lee Sharp have a real chance of making a difference in Austin. LP Harris is dedicating resources from POTUS down to secure victories and advance our cause. We're more engaged in the election process in Harris County than ever before and always welcome volunteers.

June was a busy month for LP Harris. Juneteenth, commemorating the freedom that all enslaved people secured after the bloody Civil War, a very significant milestone as the US continues to expand its Libertarian roots. LP Harris was also highly visible at Houston Pride, featuring Chase Oliver our presidential candidate at both a booth and in the Pride Parade. A private fundraiser provided crucial funds to amplify our message during this contentious election, where neither traditional party candidate is a good fit for the job of President.

Never forget, it's easy to support liberty when it benefits you. It's principled when you support it for all people, always. Upholding liberty and freedom for marginalized groups has been central to the Libertarian Party for over 50 years. Since 1971, we've donated, volunteered, and marched for the rights of all people—gay, straight, native-born, immigrant, from diverse ethnic backgrounds, rich or poor. In the Libertarian Party, everyone finds a home.

July commemorates America’s Independence Day, founded on our forefathers’ enduring values that continue to drive the Liberty movement today. The Declaration of Independence reflects the mindset of its time, proposing a new relationship between people and government. While this holiday doesn’t require the solemn reflection of Memorial Day, we should move beyond fireworks and parades to contemplate the timeless ideals of inherent rights—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—endowed to every human being on this planet by our Creator.

Toward Liberty,

Mike Coogan, Chair of The Libertarian Party of Harris County

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