Support Mark Miller for Texas Railroad Commissioner!

Mark Miller is the only candidate in the race with oil and gas experience (the "Railroad Commission" regulates oil and gas, not railroads).  And Mark does not see his job as blindly doing whatever the oil and gas industry wants.  He believes in respecting property rights of everyone, including surface owners when they have to deal with the drilling and production on their property.

The Houston Chronicle has endorsed Mark Miller, Libertarian for Texas Railroad Commissioner.  The Chronicle says, "Mark Miller, the Libertarian who's unquestionably this year's most qualified candidate for Railroad Commission of Texas commissioner." And, "By comparison, none of the other candidates for this office have actually worked in the industry they propose to help oversee." And finally, "Our editorial board interviews scores of candidates for political office every election year, but seldom do we find ourselves wholeheartedly endorsing a nominee from the Libertarian Party. Then again, seldom have we met a Libertarian candidate like Mark Miller."